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Tracy's Highlight Video
Tracy and I did a hundred television shows together and she was incredible. She is a natural born spokesperson and can sell any product. Her name recognition is astounding. When I saw people I didn ...
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Television Spokesperson Tracy Douglass:
Tracy Douglass is a well known TV personality in Arkansas and throughout the country. Her viewer following and credibility as a television personality make her one of the most sought after pitch persons in the region. With on-camera and voice-over experience and exposure in more than 35 states, Tracy's primary strength is the delivery of compelling product pitches that engage viewers.

Tracy's attention to detail and dynamic approach make for an excellent combination for the optimal promotion and sales of your products and services. Whether it's home improvement, automobiles, health and wellness procedures, home furnishings or whatever you're selling, Tracy is a quick study who makes it a point to fully understand the unique details, differences and advantages of your products, and then promotes them in an appealing style that connects with your target customers.

The "Tracy Douglass result": a thoroughly professional pitch by a seasoned, confident spokeswoman who knows, understands and believes in your products and services.

Customers stop and listen to what Tracy has to say.

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