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Tracy's Highlight Video
There are so many people who have crowded the market trying to sell themselves as an anchor/host. There are few who have Tracy's skill. Tracy Douglass is a consummate pro! Tracy is authentic, engaging ...
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Meet Tracy:
Born and raised in Florida, Tracy moved from the Sunshine State to Arkansas where she became a recognized TV 'weather girl' and commercial pitch person throughout Arkansas and much of the rest of the South and the Midwest.

Tracy is a mother who describes her son Britt as the pride of her life. Her talented family is well represented in the medical field. Her father, William Campbell Douglass II MD, was a doctor and writer. Her brother, William Campbell Douglass III MD, MS, is also a doctor who lives with his wife Kathy in New Smyrna Beach, FL.

Tracy enjoys growing her It Works! Business, acrylic painting, time with her family and quiet evenings at home with her cat, Cindy.

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