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Tracy's Highlight Video
Testimonials for Tracy Douglass:
Rob Heverling, News Director, KARK (NBC) Little Rock, AR
"There are so many people who have crowded the market trying to sell themselves as an anchor/host. There are few who have Tracy's skill. Tracy Douglass is a consummate pro! Tracy is authentic, engaging, and shows genuine care for the people she works with. Her attention to detail and show prep is second to none. I always had great confidence in the projects Tracy produced and anchored. She always over delivered."

Ron Sherman, Ron Sherman Productions
"In over 30 years of broadcasting, I've never seen a better Direct Response pitch person than Tracy Douglass. Tracy "gets it" when it comes to understanding your product and selling it on TV."

Bud Whetstone, Whetstone and Odem Law Firm
"Tracy and I did a hundred television shows together and she was incredible. She is a natural born spokesperson and can sell any product. Her name recognition is astounding. When I saw people I didn't know, they would always ask about Tracy and tell me they had been her fan for years. She is a professional, easy to work with, and is a class act. There is the best and all the rest and she is the best."

Dr. Keith Currie, Arkansas Spinal Care
"There are only a couple of names and faces that are immediately recognizable when it comes to Arkansas television. Tracy Douglass is one of them. If being associated with Tracy will help anyone else's business the way it's helped mine, then it would be impossible to go wrong with Tracy Douglass."

Dick Marendt, Audio Recording Corporation of Arkansas
"Tracy is a dependable professional who can always be counted on to give the appropriate delivery. Male or female, Tracy's viewer appeal is universal. Her on-camera work can't be beat."

Dr. Joe Collins, Optometrist
"The first time Tracy came to our office, she understood our product. Her message delivery immediately engaged our audience. I couldn't be more pleased with the results she has produced for my business."

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